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Headliner Kap
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Headliner Kap - The Headliner Kap is a baseball-style cap that lets you express yourself by attaching removable patches and custom designs we call RIPPz. We have different styles and sizes.
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RIPPz - RIPPz (Removable - Interchangeable - Personalized - Prints) are custom designs made for the Headliner Kap. These RIPPz are fully removable, interchangeable and reusable. RIPPz are similar to patches but the only difference is RIPPz are full graphic prints and patches are embroidered.
Patches - Patches are custom embroidered designs made by 3rd party patch/embroidery companies that can be used with the Headliner Kap. Simply attach self-adhesive Velcro to the back of these patches and they now become fully removable, interchangeable and reusable. Patches are similar to RIPPz but are not as detailed or as customizable.
Pricing - Pricing for the beautifully versatile Headliner Kap is located on our Order Page. Separate pricing is also available for our collectable RIPPz at our Collectable RIPPz Page.
Payment Types - We accept many forms of payment including Credit Cards, Checks, Money Orders and Paypal. Credit card orders, use the Paypal Service online. It's fast, super easy and secure. This service is a totally free service. Best of all, as a new sign up, you receive $5.00 straight into your Paypal account. That's like getting $5.00 off your purchase here. You're gonna love it!
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