HeadliNer Kaps
Express Yourself The Way You Were Made To!
Now You Can Say What You Always Wanted To Say...RIGHT ON YOUR KAP!
"Go Ahead Dude, Kap-a-Tude!"
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Anyone Got Kap?
If You Can't Think Of At Least 100 Different Ways To Express Yourself With This Kap, You Probably Have It On Too Tight!

Patches are fully removable, interchangeable and reusable.
Now you can express yourself the way you always wanted to!

The Kap:

This stylish Kap is no ordinary cap, it looks just like any other baseball style cap, but this one YOU customize yourself.  YOU choose your RIPPz & patches, YOU choose your expressions...Get creative, I know you can. Please see some of our examples we've come up with to give you some ideas.

The Package:

With the basic Kap Package, we've included 2 strips of self-adhesive hook fasteners to get you started. Simply peel off the adhesive side of the hook fastener and stick to your favorite RIPP or patch. It's easy...even lamers can do it. Now you're ready to stick your patch on your Kap and customize it to whatever you like. The RIPPz & patches are fully removable, interchangable and can be reused over and over.

The Fit:

The Headliner Kap fits most sizes. It comes with a streachable elastic band inside the rim to fit small, medium and large sizes. For for the larger size head, we have the traditional plastic snaps in the back or the buckle strap.