How To Submit Your Own Custom RIPPz

We want our Community RIPPz Page to be filled with the most unique and creative designs possible. We know you have it in you, so let's see what you got!

Below are the basic steps necessary to submit a acceptable RIPP.


Create Your Phrase

Different methods of creating your own RIPPz.
1. Use any popular graphics program on your computer.
2. Hand draw a phrase then scan it with a scanner.
3. Cut a phrase out of a magazine and scan it.

Rules & Guidelines
A. Make sure the final image is at least 600 pixels at its shortest side and no larger than 2500x2500 pixels. (Do not re-size a smaller image just to fit the size limits)
B. Acceptable file formats are: .bmp, .tif, .jpg or .psp.  Or ANY image supported by Paintshop Pro 5.1 or higher.
C. Make sure the phrase covers at least 70% of the total image. (Do not increase edges of picture just to fit size limits)
D. Make sure the design you submit is YOUR design and not originally someone else's. (The coolness comes from having YOUR original design worn by others)
E. If the image shape is irregular, make sure the matting background is 1 solid color. (Preferably white)
F. If you sign, initial or logo your image, make sure your mark's total size is no larger than 10% of the total image size. (We want you to be recognized for your work but we must also strongly enforce this rule)
G. No hard profanity. (If you can't say it on the radio, it's not acceptable)


Sending Us Your RIPPz

Different methods of sending us your RIPPz.
1. The quickest and easiest way to submit your custom RIPP to us is by E-mail.
2. Put file on 3 1/2" IBM compatible floppy disk and mail to us.

Rules & Guidelines
A. If sending by E-mail, please attach your image file to your E-mail message and send to (Do not attach more than 3 RIPPz per E-mail and the total size of the E-mail must not be more than 5MB)
B. If sending by snail mail, please make sure your file fits on one 3 1/2" IBM compatible floppy disk in a compatible file format. (Do not split files over multiple diskettes)
C. If the file is zipped, make sure it can be unzipped by WinZip 7.0 or WinRAR. (Do not zip file if you don't have to)